Our street party, held on the Blackbrook House driveway

VE Day Street Party

It’s been a difficult few months for all people, and many of the Blackbrook House residents can recall experiencing hard times 75 years ago. That’s why we ensured they could all celebrate...

Enjoying a bloom in the garden of Blackbrook House

Roses In The Garden

We’re very grateful at Blackbrook House to have our large gardens. It means that even in lockdown our residents can get outside and enjoy some fresh air in safety. Ethel took advantage of this...

We've received more thoughtful donations to help us in our work

Wash Bags, Soaps & Creams

A big thank you to Jan and her small team of volunteers who have created some fabulous wash bags for Blackbrook House. It’s hugely appreciated. And yet another thank you goes to Karen who has...

Bob picks up a few slices for himself

Pizza For The Workers!

We were absolutely delighted to receive pizza from Domino's for the staff on duty. Another kind gesture, and greatly appreciated. We did have a problem telling Bob they were not all for him...










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VE Day Street Party

Roses In The Garden

Wash Bags, Soaps & Creams

Pizza For The Workers!

Singing In The Garden

A Soothing Gift!

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