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Milly in front of the decorated fire place

St George's Day

We’re celebrating St George’s Day here at Blackbrook House, with plenty of red and white throughout our home. Milly’s been leading a hand, and waving a flag or two as well!

Blackbrook House resident enjoying a treat at a garden centre

Coffee & Cake

At Blackbrook House, it’s our aim to support you in living the life that you want to lead. So, if you fancy a trip out, we’ll do our best to ensure that it happens. This is how Verne...

Some of the Valentine's Day arts and crafts creations by Blackbrook House residents

Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and the residents have been embracing their creative sides to mark the occasion. As well as cards and decorations, Emma has led the creation of a beautiful Valentine...

Blackbrook House residents making mince pies

Mince Pies!

It’s not Christmas without mince pies, so, with that in mind, Blackbrook House residents have been indulging in a little home baking! And the best part? Everyone got to feast upon the results...










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St George's Day

Coffee & Cake

Valentine's Day

Mince Pies!

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