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Blackbrook Babies - Were You Part Of Blackbrook’s History?

18th January 2016

Blackbrook House has a rich and interesting history. Built around 1782 it was then owned by John Barton and was originally part of a much larger estate known as Blackbrook Place. In the early 1800s, the house was lived in by Sir William Biddulph Parker and his wife Lady Parker who were well known for the many garden parties and charity fetes that they held at Blackbrook.


However in 1950, the house was to change its purpose from a residential dwelling to become a maternity home for the next 56 years. When it opened it had 20 beds, the staff lived on site and it was heated by coal-fired central heating. However, it would go on to be the place that many local people would be born and our Blackbrook Babies website has been created to enable them to share their memories of Blackbrook House when it was a Maternity Unit.


If you or someone you know was born or had a baby at Blackbrook House, we'd love you to share your photos and stories and come and have a read of other people's memories of this special place.


Visit the Blackbrook Babies website here.



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