Celebrating 102 Years Of Age!

6th November 2013

One of the residents of Blackbrook House recently celebrated their 102nd birthday!  Looking back over 102 years it's amazing to think how different things were back then, and to think about all of the changes seen in the intervening years.


Looking back at 1911 we found out that 1 out of every 7 people worked as a domestic servant (almost certianly in a house like Blackbrook!).


Other key facts about 1911 is that the UK saw the hottest summer on record, and The RMS Titanic was launched in Belfast.  The coronation of King George V and Queen Mary took place at Westminster Abbey in London, and British MPs voted to receive a salary for the first time - wow!


In September 1911, the world's first airmail postal service was flown between North London and Windsor in Berkshire - a very short flight! Another interesting fact is that the first electric escalators were installed in the Earl's Court tube station - quite revolutionary for the time we would imagine



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