The Blackbrook House lounge


Inside Activities At Blackbrook House

4th January 2018

It has certainly been a stormy start to the year with very strong winds and horrible weather conditions caused by Storm Eleanor over the past few days. Thankfully there is always plenty to do inside the house at this time of year including:


  • Organised activities and visitors
  • Games and jigsaw puzzles 
  • Watching TV (we have a loop for hearing aids)
  • Reading 
  • Listening to music 
  • Watching films (our dining area can become a homemade cinema) 
  • Looking at family photographs
  • Visits from family and friends
  • Socialising with other residents and day care visitors
  • Enjoying warm home cooked food


We plan all our activities and visits around our residents preferences and are always open to suggestions for new ideas. If you are interested in finding out more about our residential or day care or would like to arrange a visit to Blackbrook House, please get in touch on 01329 280 573.



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