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June at the garden centre

Out & About

We aim to encourage our residents to lead as independent a life as they feel comfortable with. Sometimes this means going out and doing the things you’ve always enjoyed, as was the case late...

Amelia comes to help at Blackbrook House

Amelia Helps Out At Blackbrook House

Amelia, aged 6, came in today to help Sophie with the afternoon tea round. Amelia is completing her helper badge for Rainbows. We all agree she did a most excellent job!

A Blackbrook House cream tea

Saying Goodbye

Sadly, every now and again, we have to say goodbye to a Blackbrook House resident. We try to make such occasions happy and reflective ones by focusing on the individual and celebrate their memory...

Stephen Press beside the Rolls Royce

A Trip In The Rolls

It’s always nice for residents to have a trip out, especially when the sun is shining, but it’s even better when it’s in the home’s Rolls Royce, and Blackbrook Houses’s...










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Out & About

Amelia Helps Out At Blackbrook House

Saying Goodbye

A Trip In The Rolls

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