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Bernice assists the residents in mixing the cake

Mixing It Up

It must be getting close to that time of year again. Bernice has been busy in the kitchen making her traditional Christmas cake. But what makes it so special is that she assists every resident...

Ham, egg and chips twice, please

Lunch With Sea Views

Blackbrook House resident Maureen enjoyed a delicious ham, egg and chips meal over at Hill Head. Julie, our activities co-ordinator, took Maureen there, and for extra company Julie brought her dad...

Blackbrook House residents warming up

Keep Fit Wednesdays

On Wednesday’s Blackbrook House residents can enjoy a keep fit class. Nothing too strenuous, but enough to assist with strength and flexibility which in turn allows residents to live a little...

Blackbrook House resident Gwen with Pam

Getting Out & About

Our resident, Gwen, has enjoyed a lovely afternoon out with Blackbrook House owner Steve’s mum, Pam.   It’s not easy getting out and about when you’re not feeling as mobile...










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