Blackbrook House hosts a Pirate Treasure Hunt


Pirates' Treasure Hunt!

22nd August 2019

We’ve had a pirates' treasure hunt at Blackbrook House, with the children from Little Munchkins Preschool standing in as the pirates in question. Residents enjoyed reading riddles and clue cards with the children to direct the children throughout the house and gardens of Blackbrook House. The ultimate aim was to find the treasure of golden chocolate coins and gemmed sweeties in the old grandfather clock. 


The event was finished off by cakes, tea and a story from Jenna. The book was called “The Pirate's Underpants" which all the children found very amusing (not to mention a few residents, too). The children were so polite and well behaved. They clearly loved spending time at Blackbrook House with our residents just as much as the residents enjoyed hosting it. A wonderful day for all.


Children from Little Munchkins enjoying a Pirate Treasure Hunt



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