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Room To Relax At Blackbrook House Residential Care Home In Fareham

3rd November 2016

As October draws to a close, it's certainly chillier outside but there's plenty of space for the elderly residents and Day Care visitors at Blackbrook House to relax indoors during the cold months.


Our two elegant lounge areas are decorated and furnished to a high standard featuring a number of handpicked ornaments and antiques. With cosy chairs, sofas and a small dining table in the Oval Room, there's always a quiet spot to enjoy some leisure time.


Some of the activities our residents enjoy include: Having relatives or friends to visit, chatting to other residents or Day Care users, reading a book or newspaper, watching TV or films, looking through family photographs, listening to music, playing card games or doing a jigsaw.


Why not come and read some more about what is like to live at Blackbrook House?



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